Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Misc., Various and Etc.

Have this still on my office wall at work.  When people look at it I tell them it is of Ben Turpin and Leo White.  Then someone will note that Chaplin is in the photo, my response is, "Oh, he is!"

A Clyde Cook Fox short with Edgar Kennedy... haven't ever looked up the title.

Glenn Tryon in LONG PANTS (1926). 
This Hal Roach comedy came out a year before the Harry Langdon film of the same name.

Fatty, Mabel and Al.  Does it get much better?

A fun ad highlighting Christie Comedies.

.... and if I cannot bring a little Sunshine into your otherwise humdrum existence I would be failing at my job.

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  1. Rob, happy new year! The Clyde Cook film may be THE TOREADOR (1921). James Donnelly is the older guy with the top hat, and Lois Scott is the girl (I recognize her from a still I have from a Jimmy Savo Fox Sunshine HOLD THE LINE). Both are credited with being in THE TOREDOR, as is Edgar (though of course they could be in several Fox Cooks).