Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Heinie and Louie update

Here is some more information concerning a post I made back in December. This comes from Steve Massa and was originally posted on the silentcomedymafia.com site:

Hi Rob
Just found some info to go along with your blog entry on the Mittenthal "Heinie & Louie" series where you mention that Walter Kendig (Louie) died in October of 1915 but the series sailed on.

The shorts continued until early 1917 so there could have been a number of Louie "replacements." Mittenthal and Pathe seems to have tried to keep the Q.T. on the whole thing as only Jimmy Aubrey is billed in the Pathe Bulletins from 1916 on. Anyway, I came across this entry in the 10/21/1916 Motion Picture News Studio Directory:

"Redmond, Elmer E., comedian; b. Pittsburgh, May 5, 1887; educ. Pittsburgh; stage career, vaud. 5 yrs. as "Redmond and Smith" and "Starkey and Redmond," also in stock and in prods. of "Just Like John, " "Get-Rich-Quick-Wallingford," "Searchlights," "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm," "School Days," "Panhandle Pete," etc.; screen career, Solax, 1 yr. with Eclair as comedian and asst. director, Famous ("Spitfire," etc.), Pathe (Louie in "Heinie and Louie" comedies). Hght., 5 ft. 4 in., wght., 124; dark brown hair, brown eyes. Ad., Screen Club, N.Y.C."

Haven't found any other trace of info on Mr. Redmond yet, but will check at Library when I go to work tomorrow.

More Educational Pressbooks

Here are another batch of pressbooks, enjoy:

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Juvenile Comedies

While viewing an early Juvenile Comedy, ABOUT FACE (1924), a comment was made that the ones featuring "Big Boy" were much more enjoyable. Leaving that argument aside I give to you a few pressbooks of  "Big Boy" / Juvenile Comedies:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The first real post on the "official" Al Joy Fan Club blog features post-Hallroom Boys Jimmie Adams.


I decided to alter the focus of my "treborenots" blog.  I had always planned on it including a variety of things but figured I needed a place to concentrate on silent comedy.... hence this new blog.  Hope ypu enjoy the posts.